This website is for everyone, I made it to let everyone see the events and things that I do.

I was born on September 19th, 1982. Ever since I was really little I have been into electronics. I grew up in an automotive family and together those two things have shaped who I am today. I am currently going to school for my Engineering degree at Grand Valley State University. I went to Grand Rapids Community College to study Recording Technology and Music. I currently work for Amazon.com/BrillianceAudio as a Recording Engineer. Before that job I worked as a installer and technician for Audio Designs. I worked on installing and setting up large audio systems for churches, commercial stores and auditoriums. On the side I also do video work, making small promo videos for racing and other such events. Over the past few years I have also got into photograph. As you can see from this website, I like to do things and take pictures of them. I use a Nikon D70s, a great camera.

For as long as I can remember I have also been into going fast and being in an automotive family, I got into cars at a young age. First with power wheels and then go-karts. Then at the age of 12, real cars. In 1994 my brother Bryan, bought his Mustang and we started to work on it right away. At age 15 I bought my first car a 1988 Ford Escort GT, I bought it for $50, it needed a lot of work. As soon as we could my brother and I started racing our cars that we built. In 2000 my brother bought a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3, and we started to build that in to a SCCA autocross car the first night. We raced that for many years then moved on other Escorts, SVT Contours, SVT Focus and now Bryan and I are building and racing the Mustang he bought back in 1994.

For more information about my racing efforts and to get updates on building and racing the Mustang go to www.racetech0722.com.

Follow me on Twitter: racetech0722

If you have any questions e-mail me at brandon@brandonredeker.com.


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