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Fiesta Movement

Well the Fiesta Movement is coming to and end. It has been fun, we learned a lot from this. Now I should be able to do more updateing on my website and also add more to the Racetech site, like the rest of the cars we have built.


Fiesta Time

I have been working on the Racetech website and doing Fiesta stuff. We did pick up car last Saturday and it is a blast to drive! Go to the Racetech website to read more about it.

Now that school is done for the semester, I should have time to update this site more, I hope.



I am back home, after a great trip to Florida. It does feel good to be back home. Almost all the pictures from the trip are uploaded and are under Vacation to the left. I don’t have the pictures from the Ford and Edison Estates yet. The rest of the tabs at the top should done within the next week.

-Brandon Redeker

New Site layout

I am working on the layout of my new site. This is just a taste of what is to come. I have a lot more editing to do to make this all work. Now that I have my laptop power cable I can do it. Thanks to Emily and Rich for bringing it down to Florida!

Also a very special thanks to my girlfriend, Jen, for helping me with the photos!

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New Server

My new site is under construction, it will be updated over the next few days. I am in Florida and forgot my laptop power cable. If you have any questions e-mail at